Royal blue and White football scarf

Cruzeiro Classic football songs

Brazilian Champions three times. Play at the Mineirão, Belo Horizonte.

1708 I Want to See Crowd sing to encourage the team to play hard. Playlist
2101 A Beer Please Recent music from Cruzeiro supporters. Goes on forever... Playlist
3483 Sunday, I Go to the Mineirao It's a very popular song, used by different brazilian club fans. Parody of "O Campeao" Playlist
8439 I Am Cruzeiro Support Cruzeiro is a deep feeling Playlist
11806 It`s Me of Mafia Azul Máfia Azul association fans chant Playlist
13086 Fans Will Sing Chant to encourage the crowd to sing Playlist
13179 We Are Crazy, We Are Cruzeiro! Great ringtone for Cruzeiro fans. Playlist
13546 Mafia Is Coming... Mafia Azul is the most feared crowd of Brazil Playlist
13810 Today I Will support and Sing Cruzeiro is my team. I support and sing for him Playlist
13940 Three Times Brazillian Champion Great ringtone for Cruzeiro fans Playlist
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13971 Cru-zei-ro Great ringtone for Cruzeiro fans Playlist
14795 The Biggest in Minas NEW The largest crowd in Minas Gerais Playlist
15267 I Will Kick You If you don`t support Cruzeiro you better run Playlist
17441 What Support Cruzeiro`s support makes a difference Playlist
21023 A Lot of Emotion Cruzeiro the biggest champion of Mineirão Playlist
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