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From Rio. On September 27, 2007, the local government decided November 12 be "Fluminense Football Club Day" by law. Fluminense are known as the "champion of the century" with the largest number of Campeonato Carioca titles in the 20th century (28).

14025 The Maraca Is Ours Fluminense supporters rules on Maracanã Playlist
14031 Look Mulambo, We Are so Different Fluminense anti Flamengo song Playlist
14200 The John of God Blessing he first pope to visit Brazil was John Paul II, with only two years of pontificate. He led a crowd of 4.5 million Catholics and non-Catholics to the streets and touched the pope country.The landed in Brasilia on June 30, 1980, where he made the famous gesture to kneel and kiss the ground, saluting the land that had just tread. Until July 11 when shipped to the Vatican, went through Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Aparecida, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Manaus, Recife, Salvador, Belém, Fortaleza and Teresina. "The Blessing John of God" was the winner of a music contest sponsored by the city of Rio de Janeiro at the time. Its authors are the composer Moacyr Geraldo Maciel and the journalist Pericles Brandão de Barros, now deceased. The song won the Brazil and was sung in all the cities of His Holiness passava.No same year 1980, it began to be sung in football stadiums, the voice of the fans of Fluminense Football Club. Since then, "The Blessing John of God" became a kind of unofficial anthem of the tricolor. It is sung as a kind of "Amulet" because usually brings luck to Fluminense. Playlist
14252 Hey Cruzeiro Fluminense is better than Cruzeiro Playlist
14262 And If You Ask, I Am Three Colors I'm Three Colors Playlist
14271 Where are you? Where are Botafogo fans? Playlist
14286 Mafia Azul Supporters Fluminense is better than Cruzeiro Playlist
14322 Silence in the Slum Aimed at black and red fans (Flamengo) who only sing when the team is winning Playlist
14324 Go for It! Go for it! Playlist
14331 Cavalieri Is the Best Brazilian Goalkeeper Chant to encourage Diego Cavalieir, Fluminense Goalkeeper. Playlist
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14338 My Three Colors I Love You My love to Fluminense Playlist
14389 Libertadores We Have to Win Simples, mas fazer o quê? Playlist
14448 Poisonous Force! Fluminense (Força Flu) supporters are looking for a fight, teasing the Gaviões da Fiel (Corinthians) Playlist
14480 Fogo This Year You'll Be Relegated Fluminense singing about their rivals Botafogo being relegated to Brazilian 2nd division. Playlist
14491 Flamengo Will Fall to Serie B Fluminense singing about their rivals Flamengo being relegated to Brazilian 2nd division. Playlist
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