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13724 Atlético Me Diz Como Se Sente NEW

Fan chant from America MG teasing one of their rivals, Atletico Mineiro. As the rival does not own a stadium, they have to rent it from America for their home games, this creates opportunities for songs like this one. In this chant the America's supporters say that Atletico is and will always be a tenant without their own home, also, that America has more tradition and the best foward.In 2016 Atletico MG annaunced the planning of their own stadium, so maybe America will have to come up with new ideas for chants.

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Song Lyrics

Atlético me diz como se sente,
Não ter estadio pra jogar,
Te juro que irão passar os anos,
E sempre terão que alugar,
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Eu sou decacampeão,
Um time de tradição,
E vocês inquilinos no Caldeirão,
Esse ano vocês vão ver,
Vamos ganhar a Série B,
Obina é melhor que Tardeleê...

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