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Based in Porto Allegre, winner of one Intercontinental Cup, two Copa Libertadores de América, two national championships and four national cups.

4763 I'm Gonna Cheer for Gremio Chant encourage the team to win the libertadores championship Playlist
5843 Come on Renato Song about Renato Portaluppi and the victory at the Hamburguer in the World Championship of 1983 Playlist
10206 I'm from the Azenha Neighbourhood Singing about the neighborhood and the old stadium Olímpico Monumental, scene of many glories and unforgettable stories Playlist
12394 Raindrops of Love Chant inspired by the song "Pingos de Amor". A true declaration of love for Grêmio. Playlist
14170 Inter... Chant about International, our main rivals. "Monkey" is not being used as racism, the term is due to a historical episode. Playlist
20027 A Feeling That Makes Love Be a grêmio suporter means a deep feeling of love Playlist


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